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10 Things Observed While Starting Breweries

West Virginia has hit its craft beer stride. As this issue goes to press, four new breweries are recently open or preparing to open across the state. We asked the owners to share some inside observations about what it takes to get the fermentation going.


Creating Curiosity

The head of social media at ABC News is from West Virginia. We talked with him about Twitter, journalism, marketing, and the way they all work together.



Lights On

A West Virginia University graduate student is shining a little light on energy poverty.


Passing up 2016 governor race an “extremely tough decision” for Manchin

One day after he announced he will not run for governor in 2016, U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., says it was an “extremely tough decision” to make. “A year ago I was probably closer,” he told reporters on a Monday morning conference call. “If you weighted it, it probably would have been 70-30, 75-25 to coming

West Virginia Board of Education member Wade Linger requested changes to education standards on climate change, leading to outcry from national and state education groups.

The ‘Fourth Branch’

The West Virginia Board of Education doesn’t get much attention, but its members are some of the most influential people in state government.



Leading Leaders

More than 1,000 of West Virginia’s top business leaders, entrepreneurs, and politicos all have one thing in common.


Doctor in the House

An Ivy League-educated oncologist is bringing his expertise to southern West Virginia.


Extreme Escape

Three West Virginia businessmen share their experiences with extreme adventures.

Hot Topics


Saving the Blue

Blue Sulphur Springs was once one of the region’s top destinations. Now the community is working to save it from ruin.


Waste Not

Much of the Eastern Panhandle’s household garbage will soon be converted to a solid fuel.