King For A Day

Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr., Season 6 winner of America’s Got Talent, has a few ideas for what he’d do if he
ruled WV.

I’d get an NBA team into West Virginia.

I live in Logan, and they’ve had a lot of great basketball teams down here, starting when Willie Akers was the coach.

Get Governor Tomblin to put his hair in dreadlocks like mine for one day.

Maybe I could dare him to do it, and if he does, donate some money
to his favorite charity or something. What do you think, Gov?

Get West Virginians off the couch and outdoors.

Diabetes is a big problem here, and obesity, and it’s a real shame. We have the prettiest state in the country (I know—I’ve seen a lot of ’em on tour) and people from all over the place come here to ski, golf, mountain bike, hike, and take advantage of all we have to offer, but too many people who live here take it for granted.

Get some more good paying jobs in here.

I know a lot of people in West Virginia are really struggling, and I personally know what that’s like. The best jobs I could ever get before I won America’s Got Talent were detailing cars, washing dishes in restaurants, and working on a road crew. I was grateful for the work, but it was hard to pay for your kids, get groceries, and things like that.



I was born in Logan County, what happens in Logan and Mingo is important to me. Mr. Landau, you are right about the jobs issue. It is time for leaders to work with communities to turn things around. The best place to start would be Blair Mountain in Logan. This place has the most important labor history in the country. This place needs to be preserved and protected. Look at the cover of this magazine:, If any other state had this kind of history, they would be using it to the fullest. Blair Mountain is listed on the cover with Rome and Persia, yet we foolishly want that mountain destroyed.Shame and total lack of vision!
Eugene we are proud of you too!

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