Under the Cover: September/October 2015

We_Can_Do_It!It’s one of the most iconic images of the 20th Century: a pretty young woman, with curls of her dark hair falling from beneath the red polkadot kerchief wrapped around her head. She wears a blue shirt with a Westinghouse badge on the collar, the sleeves rolled up to reveal slender, strong arms.

Her left hand tugs at her right sleeve. Her right arm is bent at the elbow, her right hand is a fist. Above her head is a dark blue speech bubble containing four simple words in white: “We Can Do It!”

This is Rosie the Riveter. Since her face first appeared on posters during World War II, she has served as a symbol of feminine strength. She is our national Nike—goddess of strength and victory.

When we began planning the September/October issue of West Virginia —our second annual Wonder Women issue—we could think of no better image to represent the strength and ingenuity of the women of our state.

20150727_150643But we needed to make it our own. We needed a Rosie that represented today’s women, and one that represented the women of West Virginia

So we gave Byrn Perrott a call. An accomplished Morgantown artist, we’d already decided to feature her as this issue’s Artpreneur. But we also realized Bryn was the perfect representation of our whole Wonder Women issue.

She’s a self-made success, relying on her creativity and skills to earn a living—just like each of the more than 100 women we feature in this issue. Plus she has some awesome tattoos.

Last month Bryn dropped by our Morgantown office for a session with our photographer Carla Witt Ford. She showed up with a near-identical Rosie the Riveter outfit, struck that iconic pose, and, after some Photoshop work by designer Becky Moore…


Pretty cool, right?

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